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about ikko


Inspired by the philosophy behind the Japanese art of Kintsugi, Ruth’s work explores opportunities of creating something new from old.  Fragments of beautifully patterned china  are rescued and set into sterling silver.

The Japanese word ikko translates to 'fragment' or 'piece'.  


Each fragment of china within this collection has been carefully selected, shaped and individually set by the artist. Each precious element within the ‘Indigo’ collection celebrates part of our heritage, acknowledging the way that our potteries have influenced British design and pattern making over many hundreds of years to the present day. 

Blue Calico Collection 

This beautiful, recognizable pattern with its Cobalt blue scrolling blossom pattern was inspired by 19th century indigo fabric. Calico was first added to the Burleigh pattern book in 1968 and is one of the designs still in production today.

The fragments of china are set into sterling silver all pieces are delicate and comfortable to wear. 

When you wear a piece of ikko jewellery you become part of the story. 


‘ …a fragment of yesterday for all your tomorrows’ 

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